Kavaklıdere Mh., Tunus Caddesi No:20, 06680 Ankara (0312) 424 01 10


Midas Hotel met Zeynel flavors with service quality.


Zeynel Cafe opened in Midas.


Midas Zeynel Cafe, located on the ground floor of our hotel, serves you delicious desserts, chicken and meat dishes.


Zeynel Muhallebicisi, which dates from 1925, met with delicious flavors of white meat with Cilli brand in Ankara. Zeynel Çilli; is the coexistence of brands that continues to provide the best service to today’s highly anticipated customer base with success.

Zeynel Cilli products, which are prepared in the production center in Ankara, are always presented with quality, taste and standards.

Daily logistics is provided to our branches to ensure the freshness of the products.

Food by our engineers; hygiene, healthy hiding of products, protection and standards are taught and practices are continuously monitored. Laboratory studies and sample cultures from hand and products are studied and supported by controls.